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Message Server ASP Page Interface [ASP]

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  • Message Server ASP Page Interface [ASP]

    NOTE: Christian's Message Server Plug-in is required for this asp page to function

    This is an asp page that I use on my HS machine to allow anyone on the home network, or authorized users from the Internet to either speak a message, or send a text message.

    It will let you send a message in 1 of 3 ways:

    1. Have the message spoken
    2. Have a message box appear
    3. Have a pop-up baloon in the system tray (XP required for this feature)
    The message can be sent to all connected computers, or a single computer on the home network. This is a quick and easy to send a message to another computer on the network. I have a shortcut on my desktop linking dirrectly to this page.

    The client drop-down list will automatically list the client computers that are running the message server client on your network.

    Here is a screen capture of the page:

    Simply copy the asp page to your HS/html dir, and call it up.

    The discussion for this asp page can be found HERE
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