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    I live in one of those small towns.
    What I see is that the data in the XML feed isn't all that accurate or perhaps not up to date for my area. When I look at the web page at, I find the data there is quite a bit more accruate than what WeatherXML is telling me.

    I'm reasonably sure it's not a download problem as the "updated" device is showing the correct time and date.

    Could something else be wrong on my end?

    This has become an issue for me as I have no other means of getting outside temperature and humidity data into Homeseer. I want to control my air conditioners and fans based on the Humidity Index and Temperature.

    I've tried using the Canadian Weather script, but it tends to be a bit unreliable due to changes on the web site it reads. I'd previously abandoned my own script for the same reason.
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      You can always install temperature and humidity sensing devices. It's definitely more expensive but 100% accurate...

      You could also write a script to extract the temperature data from the site, if you think it's more accurate.

      I also live in Canada, but not in a small town ... The web site I use at the moment to get my temperature data is

      Actually, I use the RSS feed ( for that site, which is much simpler in terms of formatting an also much smaller, making downloading it a breeze...
      (some weather humor here... !)

      The RSS feed for Ottawa is :

      Once you find your city code (Ottawa = caon0512), just substitute it to get the RSS feed that you want.