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  • Current Weather Information [VB SCRIPT]

    After almost 3 years, AccuWeather changed their site, and my original weather script stopped working. This is a replacement.

    This script will retreive the current weather or temperature from a list of cities that you define. Many major cities, as well as all US capitols are already built into the scrip. Details on how to add your own cities are in the notes at the top of the script. The Voice phrases are as follows:
    "What is the temperature in West Palm Beach?"
    "What is the weather in West Palm Beach?"

    Optionally the script can be configured to work with one city, without using voice recognition, each time the script is called. Instructions are in the script.

    This script has been tweaked and refined over the past couple years to have the weather spoken in as natural a way as possible. 1 mile per hour -vs- 1 mileS per hour for instance. Not to read the wind speed is 0 MPH from the N/A for instance. Instead it will simply say the winds are calm. Though the site has changed where the information is retreived from, the logic remains the same.

    There are also user configurations in the script to give verbal warnings if the windchill is below an amount that you choose, as well as warnings for extreme temperatures. For Example:
    After the weather is read, it will say "Warning, the wind chill is -10 degrees, please avoid skin exposure". You set the temperature ranges where you want this to speak the warning. Aside from the warning, you can optionally set a temperature range to have the wind chill spoken. By default is is set to 40 degrees. This way if it is 80 degrees, it will not speak the windchill.

    All that needs to be done is create a new event, and copy the VR line from within the script, to the event voice command box. Detailed instructions are however in the script notes at the top of the script.

    The Discussion thread for this script is located here
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