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Rotating or specific outgoing message

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    Rotating or specific outgoing message

    I'm new to HSP so this may be a really dumb question...

    I would like to be able to change the outgoing message based on a variety of things like Day, Date, Time, House Occupied, No One Home, Weather(?), etc.

    Is it simply as easy as coping the specific message file to whatever I have chosen as the message wav file? Say, if its Tuesday, copy tuesday.wav to message.wav?

    Anyone doing anything like this that might have an example script?


    Change special annoucement based on repeated calls?

    OK, I am using this thread because this is somewhat related to my other post. (I wish we had a script developent forum under HSP....)

    WHAT: I want to be able to change (or add?) the special announcement for a caller that was not in my address book and calls back repeatedly in a short amount of time.

    WHY: I think the heat here in Texas is starting to affect people already this year. I get a wrong number call, and 30 seconds later I get a call again. Then again. AND AGAIN! (I can't imagine that someone would fat finger a number that many times in a row.) In the last 8 days this has happened about 10 times with 8 different callers.

    HOW: I am thinking that I can use Last_Caller and then if this caller was the last caller and is not in my address book (or WAFNetCID "answerable" list) then they will receive a different message reminding them that they keep dialing the wrong number.

    I sorta...and I use that term lightly...have this working for a test number (cell phone) in my phone book. What I can't figure out how to do is make it happen for someone that is NOT in my phone book. I don't want to clutter up the phone book with every number that calls, but I don't know of a way to "change" the outgoing message for a particular caller without them being there. I would then like it to be permanent so that if they EVER call back again, they get that message.

    Am I making this a lot more diffucult than I need to?

    I CAN make a light come on every time someone not in my "answerable" list calls! I can even change a specific special announcement for a specific caller. I just can't seem to do it without the caller being in the phone book. (and even then its not pretty...) If there was just an HSP command to answer the call with a specific message that I could put in place of "hs.ExecX10 "P4","on",0,0" I'd be in pretty good shape!

    Any ideas on a better way?

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