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    Ninja Camera Switcher

    New thread 'cause has some problems

    This is X10 power supply management script that should be compatible with the scripts in the reference thread. Untested, but should be close.
    Last edited by Michael McSharry; June 8, 2005, 11:35 PM.

    Michael, thanks for the script.. for those of you wondering what its about. I have 6 wireless x10 cams. This script is part of the asp ninja control page thats in the script archive.

    Anyway, its nearly there michael, I think it still has a few problems like>> when the button to turn on camera 5 is pressed the picture goes corrupt... its because there is no A1 off being sent, theres NO need to turn off all A1 to A4 cams and vice versa, if I need A1 to A4 on it needs only to send an A5 off command.

    As it is cams 1 to 4 work, if I try cam 5 then it gets corrupt, clicking on cam 6 sends an A6 ON command that then clears the picture for the A5 camera.. weird eh?

    Thanks for yur help on this.. it cant be too far away now.

    BTW, I edited the camControl.asp page by copying and pasting the code for camera 4, changing the references to 5 and 6 respectivly.



      Tell me what I have wrong with respect to my memory of the X10 cam power supply.

      The hardware is set to addresses such as A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 for 6 cameras. When A1 ON is sent then the cameras connected to A2, A3, and A4 will all be turned OFF automatically by the A2, A3, and A4 power supplies. It has no effect on A5, A6, or any other X10 address.

      If you want only 1 camera ON and it is the A5 camera, then don't you want A1, A2, A3, and A4 to all be OFF? Likewise if you want A4 to be ON then you will want A5, A6, A7, and A8 to be OFF?

      If this is the behavior desired then the update posted should provide it
      Last edited by Michael McSharry; June 9, 2005, 12:50 AM.


        Originally posted by Michael McSharry
        Tell me what I have wrong with respect to my memory of the X10 cam power supply.
        I think X10 changed the way cameras are switched when they went to the instant on cameras.

        For clarity`s sake take bank A1 to A4. If an A1 ON is sent the others DO NOT turn off, all 4 are still powered but only the camera on A1 shows.

        So with only 4 cameras there is no need to send an OFF. The problem comes when you go out of the bank of 4, like me.

        If I issue an A5 ON I will get BOTH A1 AND A5 pictures combined, issue an A1 or even an A2 - 4 OFF and camera A5 works fine. To get back to the first bank an A5 OFF is required, again or an A6 - 8.

        So to move up a bank of 4 you only need to issue 1 OFF command to ONE of the other banks cameras.

        I hope that clears it up

        Not to confuse things further but at present I have event scripts to do this now using the actual ninja remote (four camera buttons) for me to get to the A5 camera I press the Camera 1 button on once for A1, this sets a flag on, then a further press of the SAME camera 1 button calls a different event as the flag is on. This second event sets the flag OFF A1 OFF and A5 ON. If pressed again as the flag is off it then goes back to A5 OFF flag ON A1 ON.



          This is the Ninja page originally done by JohnPWB and then extended to include camera selection and display. This variant is based upon xAP messages for Ninja motion, IR, and X10 power. It makes use of capabilites of the xapmcsCM19A and xapmcsScript postings in the mcsPlugins/xAp area. It has some user-specific logic (e.g. camera addresses, video stream applet) so it will not fully work in other environments without some edits. It provides a reasonable example of scripting/asp that can be compared with the prior non-xap version for those that have an interest in this area.
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