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    Video Out select ?

    Is there a homeseer or system command that can be used in a script that can select what monitor, in a multi-monitor system, to send the video output of Windows Media Player to ?

    My situation is this :

    I have one of the inputs on my main home theater system hooked up to my VIVO graphics card (Nvidea). Now, I finally managed to get the DVD Collection plug-in, in conjunction with the excellent modification that allows options to watch the video, to search my hard drive and open up DivX video files in Media Player. However, I would like to send the output from the Media Player to the Home Theater System (Monitor #1) , rather than play the video directly on the default monitor. Is there a way to do this in VB script ?

    Thanx !

    If you can't find another option there's always HS.Keys. This will allow you to send key strokes to certain applications via the scripting interface of HS. Look for keys in the HS help files. There are some pretty good examples of how to use it.