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Parallax RFID Reader Module script [VBScript]

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    Parallax RFID Reader Module script [VBScript]

    This script provides an interface between the Parallax RFID Reader Module ( and HomeSeer. The module will read the codes of RFID tags within a 4 inch range and transmit those codes to HomeSeer.

    Note that the serial interface on this module is not directly compatible with the RS232 serial ports on computers. It is a TTL level signal and must be converted to RS232 levels. This can be done using level-converter chips such as the Maxim MAX232 or through other approaches. For my test setup, I used an adapter from

    The script manages RFID tag codes in an INI file. When a recognized code is received, a subroutine (handle_input) is triggered which can perform any action. The default subroutine in the script only logs the incoming code. Additional code will need to be added for specific installations. All of this can be done in that one subroutine.

    The script handles repeat reads (the reader continues to transmit while the tag is in the reader's proximity) and adding new codes to the ini file. It provides a simple mechanism for assigning different privilege levels to different tags.

    There are extensive comments in the script file. Several devices and an event need to be added manually to HomeSeer to use this. The script needs to be edited to "point" it to these new devices.

    This script can be discussed in this thread:
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