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Parallax RFID Reader Module script discussion

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    Parallax RFID Reader Module script discussion

    A simple script which can be used to interface the Parallax RFID Reader Module [1] to HomeSeer is available in this thread:
    The module is used to read the codes of RFID tags within a 4 inch range of the antenna.

    The script provides simple management of different tag codes and can be customized to perform any action or trigger events when specific codes are received.

    This thread can be used to discuss the script.

    There has also been some discussion of the reader itself in this thread:


    HS3 Parallax RFID

    I have been working on converting smee's Parallax RFID to HS3. I'm not sure who else uses this script but this is a key element for my house and can't use HS3 untill we can unlock the door

    I am using this as a way to teach myself about some of HS3's new commands and just refresh myself on scripting.

    If anyone would like it I will post it here with smees permission.



      I believe you can post it as Smee hasn't posted on the board since 2006.


        Thanks know I thought to myself I should check when the last time he logged in was but it slipped my mind before I submitted post.

        I hope he gets an email trigger because there are somethings that I'd love to ask him. Does anyone else use this?