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    (YARSS) Yet Another RSS

    Well it's time to return some of the knowledge I have gained from the many talented and generous HS people on the forum.

    <!-- / message --><!-- controls --> I run this program on my corporate Linux/Apache servers plugged right into the backbone. The actual data script is centralized so multiple people can use it without customization. It skims data off the web, so if formatting changes are required in the future they will happen instantaneously for all users without having to change the script at your end.

    Great for use with Touchscreens displays, morning wake up calls etc. etc.

    What it is: RSS feed extractor that currently includes:
    Various News feeds
    Entertainment listing like movie reviews etc.
    Joke of the day

    Results returned in the following formats:
    HS Code: This will give you the actual code...instructions included. If the code is not 2.0 compatible...please let me know and I will update accordingly for everyone. Again...not tested on HS2.0

    What you do:
    Click the link below
    Select a feed from the menu box on the screen. NOTE The "HS Code" selection will return a text file for use as a VR script.

    NOTE: If you want a feed added: Send me a private message with the RSS link.

    UPDATE: Oct 31 2005
    • VR and PDA now pull Random 5 entries from feed so as not to have too long a list
    • Duplicate entries in feed filtered
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