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    Ski Reports

    1 - At the above link, select your location
    2 - Now select your ski resort: You will notice there are 3 options for each ski resort: PDA, VR, Code
    3 - "VR" will show you the text HS will read when the script is executed
    4 - "Code" will give you the "code" to save as a .txt file for HS to exectute. You'll see.

    The actual data script is centralized on my server so multiple people can use it without customization. It skims data off the web, so if formatting changes are required in the future they will happen instantaneously for all users without having to change the script at your end.


    Are you providing this as a "Service"? or do you anticipate on sharing the code so one could add this functionality to their HS server, or are you sharing something neat that you are doing / using?

    Of course, my preference was that you were in the sharing mode to provide your source code so that I could implement it on my server and learn what you are doing along the way.

    Thanx for kicking off the idea interest.