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[vbscript] my.Elk 1.8

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    [vbscript] my.Elk 1.8

    filename : my.elk.txt
    version : 2.3
    description : Monitor & control the Elk M1 Gold & M1 EZ8 alarm panel
    author : Dan (electron)
    email : dan at marstracker dot org

    • version 2.3 (05032006): added a large documentation section, made some changes to the logging routine, implemented minor fixes.
    • version 2.2 (05012006): added support for arming and disarming the system, see command list below for more info, also added support for reading data from thermostats, added the thermostat_update command, and also cleaned up some code. See the my.elk.ini template above to learn how to map your thermostats.
    • version 2.1 (01042006): added delay to the sync command, in case the serial port isnt responding instantly. Also added support for syncronizing the control outputs. Changed some logic in the zones & outputs syncronizing, so it will only force a virtual device update if the status of the zone or output is not the same. my.Elk can now detect when ElkRP is connected to the M1.
    • version 2.0 (12202005): BETA status removed
    • version 2.0 (09292005): *** BETA *** added support for auto syncing: bAutoSync my.Elk can now process ASCII strings sent directly by the elk, using th RAW:COMMAND syntax. See below for more information.
    • version 1.9 (09282005): added the zs command to request zone status updates, internal changes, added support for a complete zone update, which is triggered when issuing the zs command (useful to keep Homeseer in sync with the M1 after a PC reboot.
    • version 1.8 (08282005): switched to an INI file, trigger Homeseer events when a keypad button has been pressed
    • version 1.7 (08232005): added the bAutoOpen variable, new keypad_temp function to request a keypad temp reading, and added support for keypad temperature monitoring. Events can be triggered based on temperature by using the "Device Value Change" trigger.
    • version 1.6 (08222005): bug fixes
    • version 1.5 (08112005): added support for monitoring of zones, tasks, voltages and outputs
    • version 1.2 (08102005): added voltage_request
    • version 1.1 (08092005): added user definable settings
    • version 1.0 (08082005): added thermostat_set, customvalue_write, keypad_press, plc_raw, speak_phrase and speak_word
    • version 0.9 (08072005): first release
    commands (descriptions & examples are given in the actual code):
    • display_message
    • plc_on
    • plc_off
    • plc_toggle
    • plc_raw
    • output_on
    • output_off
    • output_toggle
    • speak_phrase
    • speak_word
    • keypad_press
    • customvalue_write
    • thermostat_set
    • keypad_temp
    Download & More Information

    This script has been tested to work with both HS 1.7 and HS 2.0
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