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Need **HELP** Custom Icons and text.

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    Need **HELP** Custom Icons and text.

    Would some of the coding Gurus please verify this for me. Here is a dialog I had with HST's help desk regarding this.

    I am trying to use a custom graphic for a device "s10" with some text, here is what I have.
    hs.DeviceValuesAdd "A2","NoMotion" & Chr(2) & "0" & Chr(1) & "Motion" & Chr(2) & "100",FALSE
    HS.DeviceValuesGraphicsAdd "A2","/images/homeseer/nomotion.gif" & Chr(2) & "0" & Chr(1) & "/images/homeseer/motion.gif" & Chr(2) & "100"
    HS.SetDeviceString "A2", "Motion", True

    Here is the response from HST:
    I checked with HS 1.7 and the web interface does not display the text. Not that its a bad idea to do so, but this would change the way it works. I can leave this as a feature request if you want.

    Richard Helmke
    HomeSeer Technologies LLC
    So your telling me that if I want a custom graphic for a device, that there is no way to have text displayed with it???

    Here is a quote from your documentation re: DeviceString.
    This function sets a string as the device status. The string "message" is displayed in the Status screen. This appears on the web page and the local device list. This can be used to display the status of special devices like thermostats and weather stations. Note that this does not affect the actual X10 status for the device, which can be accessed by DeviceValue.
    How do other programs accomplish this, such as DooNetworks. It has custom Icons and text.
    If what you are telling me is correct. Please tell me How I can reset the device back to default values.

    So, will some clarify this for me, it seem what I want to do can be done.

    Staying on the cutting edge is EXPENSIVE :D

    The plugins that I am familiar with use the DeviceString to set the images and text.
    PHP Code:
    hs.SetDeviceString "A2","<img src='/images/motion.gif'>Motion ",true 

    Then to clear DeviceString you just set the string to a blank value.
    PHP Code:
    hs.SetDeviceString "A2","",true 
    Jeff Farmer
    HS 3, HSPhone
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