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[ASP] GassBuddy.asp 0.7

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    [ASP] GassBuddy.asp 0.7

    This asp page is along the same lines as Dan's script but this is more of a visual representation of the lowest prices in a particular area. This asp page refreshes every ten minutes so when you look, your seeing the most up to date data. Just drop both files in you HTML directory. One is the asp page and the other is the style sheet.

    ' Version 0.1 Parse for local gas information
    ' Version 0.2 Added HS 2.0 header
    ' Version 0.3 Added the ability to select different cities
    ' Version 0.4 Added the ability to set device values and strings
    ' Version 0.5 Fixed the style header problem
    ' Version 0.6 Fixed the data showing up with station name
    ' Version 0.7 Fixed instr error in lowest gas price sub
    ' Version 0.8 Added an all option
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