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PERL: HS MainLobby - Song Count Display

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    PERL: HS MainLobby - Song Count Display

    Here's a handy little script I find really useful. It's a basic file counter that totals up the number of song files in "My Music" or any other directory to a virtual device and also writes to a txt file for optional use. Modify any way you want.

    • Download the zip file
    • Extract to HS scripts directory
    • Create events to run "" and "" .
    • create a virtual device
    • Open up the scripts and modify to read from whatever directory you want and whatever file ending...default is wildcard.
    Files included are: (Script that counts the files and assigns to virtual device) (TTS value of virtual device)
    SongCount.txt (Optional use: writes the total file count number to this text file if you want to use it for something)

    You will need at a minimum:
    ActiveState Perl
    Install Perl Module File::List (Use Active States PPM with the command: install File::List

    Optional Software:
    MLHS Plugin
    ML Server

    What I am doing with it:
    Having HS speak the total number of songs
    Displaying the total song count of my library in MusicLobby. I have an event that runs this script once per night to pick up any new songs I've ripped that day. It's pretty cool to ask HS "Song Count"...
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