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[script] HS2 ActiveBackup Plugin - Backup Check

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    [script] HS2 ActiveBackup Plugin - Backup Check

    Hi All,

    I have modified a script by JohnWPB that was originally used to check if a backup had worked correctly using Justin Earl's Backup Script, to now work with TheMax74's ActiveBackup Plugin for HS2.

    All credit for the main script goes to JohnWPB, I only amended it to work with a different file name structure.

    As the ActiveBackup Plugin creates the filename with the time also apended to the .zip file the second script should be run as the first action of your backup event as this will capture the time of the backup to a virtual device of your choice.

    I have had this runnng without any problems for about 4 nights now on three different backup sets.

    This is my first attempt at something like this so please be gentle!!!!


    1. Install the Backup Plugin from the Updater

    2. Create two devices in HS, one for the time script and one for the backup check script.

    3. Change the user defined variables in each script to match your newly created devices.

    4. Create a backup event to back something up, ensure that you have the compress backup option checked.

    5. Add an action to the above event, to run a script and add the
    backup_time.txt script to run, make sure that this is run before
    the backup set.

    6. Create another event to run this script, make sure that you have
    left enough time for the backup to complete before setting this
    event to run.

    7. To check another file just copy and rename the scripts and create another two devices, etc....



    Uploaded new version of the check script after user found an error on line 34, now corrected.
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