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    hsp address updater

    Here is a simple script to update hsp address book with the current addresses based on phone numbers received. Once caller id is received, via an event, the script performs a reverse number lookup and then updates the address book based on the information acquired. Directions are within the file and it does work with hs2.
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    OK, I partially figured this out.

    My Telco passes CID as 1234567890, not 123-456-7890, ot 1-123-456-7890.

    The script seemed to be setup for 1-123-456-7890, so I adjusted it so it reads:
    area_code = Mid(callnmbr, 1, 3)
    city_code = Mid(callnmbr, 4, 3)
    local_code = Mid(callnmbr, 7, 4)
     Area_code2 = Mid(callnmbr, 1, 3)
    City_Code2 = Mid(callnmbr, 4, 3)
    Local_Code2 = Mid(callnmbr, 7, 4)
    and I changed
    newcallnmbr = "1-" & area_code & "-" & city_code & "-" & local_code
    newcallnmbr = area_code & "-" & city_code & "-" & local_code
    I threw in a couple of writelogs to ensure the variables were being populated correctly too, and it worked, with the phone numbers being matched-up with the correct entries, however, now the script errors-out when it goes to perform the lookup, perhaps what Jebus was refering to. I get this error:
    Error~!~Script error in file: Phone_Book_Address_Updater2.txt: 9:Subscript out of range: 'j' in line 122
    , and since our lines probably don't match up anymore since I'ev added some log entries and comments, the line in question is:
    PHP Code:
    while spldata(j) <> "map" 
    How can this be fixed?
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