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CM19a X10 Ninja camera script

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    CM19a X10 Ninja camera script

    I have installed the "Page to control Ninja Camera" and can't get the picture to display, but can control my cameras. When I open the Java control, it says it can't find the class file it is looking for. I have tried for 2 days now to no avail. I could use some help with this. If anybody out there has this working with HS1.7, could you please help me with this?

    The JAVA class comes with the software you use to stream the video. Ivista, Webcam32, etc are commonly used one. The file needs to be edited to put the applet associated with your software in place of the one that was posted. If if was my posting then it is likely that the applet was for Ivista.


      Ivista software

      Thanks for the quick reply.

      My situation is this. I have my own static IP based web server. I am trying to serve this with homeseer's server. If I copy wepcam xp, webcam32, or any other webcam class file, it gives me invalid bytecode in the display from a remote internal computer. I am accessing it with its internal static ip:81(server address) port is forwarded in router. If I open java console it tells me couldn't find *.class file(*=any webcam prog class name). Am I doing something wrong?

      If I use the webcamxp right out of the box so to speak and set it to serve at port 82, I can access it from internal or external(other computer), and see live video, but then have to open another page just to control cameras. BUT if I try to use webcamxp's class file, I get no video with the asp file served from homeseer. I hope this makes sense! thanks again for your help!!



        Has anybody else installed this? Am I the only one that can't figure this out?
        Makes me feel really stupid!, but I was told years ago the only stupid question is the one that is not asked!


          I have finally got a picture to show on my asp page. But my question is how come if I create the web page with the camera software I can get a live stream, but when I copy the code to my asp page the picture is not a stream but a snapshot. The only way I can update the picture is to use the meta refresh command every 5 or 10 seconds. The only problem is who wants to see the picture refresh all the time.

          I am using cam2000. If anyone can tell me how to stream properly through asp I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

          Here is my code:
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            Try this java script for 2000 cam

            replace 'localhost' with ip address if necessary

            Here is code
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              Thanks Jerrysk. I couldn't figure that out. It works perfect. Thanks again.




                Works great on my local side, but when I try it from my office the picture is not a streaming feed just a snapshot. Any suggestions?

                Also, what code would you put in to show a clock that runs continuously by the snapshot?


                  Not sure what the problem would be, if you could attach the new code
                  of the cam page and of the camcontrol.asp I'll tinker around with it.

                  BTW the 2000 cam seems like a neat little program, been using WebCam32

                  Also what browser do you use at work, IE, Netscape, FireFox etc


                    I am using IE for a browser. I also noticed sometimes that homeseer will sometimes overload and give me a windows error.

                    It works pretty good locally.

                    Here is my code:

                    I just get a snapshot picture remotely. No streaming.

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                      Just one thing I noticed is to include the "Language=VBScript"

                      into the Index.asp file to get the time back on page.

                      Not sure how to show code here without the message getting garbled
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                        I figured out how to add time on the page and also found out why my system was crashing. I had the jpeg quality set too high and it would just use up to much system resources. I lowered the quality a little and when I moved the ninja no more crashing.

                        Here is the updated text file.
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