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    Canadian Weather Script

    The Canadian Weather Script is no longer functional
    It has been replaced with the Canadian Weather Plugin
    located here **

    Please find attached the Canadian Weather Script that has been updated for HS2. It is based upon Environment Canada's web pages.
    This script will strip out the unique information as shown on the web page and update a number of virtual devices, thereby allowing you to monitor the weather via your HS webpage. The weather can also be spoken to you using TTS on a schedule or on queue by triggering an event to occur.

    The discussion forum can be found here.

    If you are not running version 2.0 the original HS1 version can be found here.

    The attached file contains all the icons to go with the script. Just drop this zip file into the html folder, as the zip should create the envcanadaicons folder and associated sub folders.



    Version 2.04 - July 19, 2007
    - added a web page config tool to update an ini file
    - browse to http:\\localhost\Canadian_Weather\config.asp
    - corrected script as Environment Canada was playing again
    - added some other tweaks here and there.

    Version 2.02 - Jun 27, 2006
    - minor modifications

    Version 2.01 - Nov 25,2005
    - minor modifications to better support the web information

    Version 2_0
    - modified to support HS2
    - modified to utilize remote speaker clients and send tts to single client.
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