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VB: Alarm Clock - TouchScreen - 1.7x

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    VB: Alarm Clock - TouchScreen - 1.7x

    VB Script: Touchscreen Alarm Clock.

    Since I could not find a decent alarm clock I created this touchscreen version. You will have to create the devices and events manually. The setup word document is here

    Tested and working with HS and MainLobby. Not tested on HS2.0. Alarm Clock controls are completely in HS and values in virtual devices.

    In the Zip file:

    • /Homeseer/scripts/AlarmClockConfig.txt............EDIT THIS FILE AS NEEDED.
    • /Homeseer/scripts.AlarmClockOptions.txt.......... Don't edit.
    • /Homeseer/scripts/AlarmClock1.txt....................Don't edit
    • /Homeseer/scripts/AlarmClockCounter.txt..........See below
    • /Homeseer/config/test.xml................................sample Homeseer file with devices and events as per my setup
    • /Cinemar/ Touchscreen Scene
    • /Homeseer/scripts/AlarmClockSetDeviceValue.txt......IMPORTANT: Run this once after you have created your devices to set the inital values.

    AlarmClockConfig.txt.: I would suggest keeping the default event names and device codes in the config file.

    AlarmClockCounter.txt: Do text Search: "Turn the lights off if the snooze button is clicked." Edit the two fields directly below. One will be your bedroom light code and the other sends a STOP command to turn the music off. By defaul set to JR Media Center "STOP" command. You could change this to a Media Player "STOP command.

    Events: These control the alarm clock. Have them trigger whatever. There are 4 event options: Music, News, Weather, Lighting. The script does not set what the events do...only the trigger conditions. You customize what you want them to trigger as per your configuration. The events control the changing of minutes, hours and status of alarm clock.

    Devices: The virtual devices store the: Time, AMPM, Hours, Minutes and ON/OFF status of the alarm clock and its options.

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