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das3145 Ver 2.0

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    das3145 Ver 2.0

    Ihave updated the das3145 plugin for the Quasar K3145 DS1820 Board to be HS2.0 compliant.

    Download from:-

    The Readme.txt has all the relevant details....

    das3145 Homeseer plugin for Quasar Electronics K3145
    Version 2.0
    Date 27/10/2005

    Ver 0.2 - Added Custom Unit Strings and URLs for each channel
    ver 2.0 - HS2.0 Compatible. Configuration moved to Web-Inteface


    To install....

    1) Simply copy the hspi_das3145.ocx file to your homeseer program directory. (typically C:/Program Files/HomeSeer 2)
    2) Register it:- "regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Homeseer 2\hspi_das3145.ocx"
    3) Restart HomeSeer.
    4) The icons will also need to be copied to your "..../html/images/temperatures" directory - which will need to be created.

    These Icons are orignally taken from the Homeseer Icon Library at which seems to have recently disappeared

    You can now select "das3145" from the availabe interfaces (under Setup, Interfaces). Select Your required Comm Port and then its best to restart again.

    You have global options for some logging/debugging indicators and you can disable channels individually should you wish to ignore them.

    The Device Value contains the temperature to 1 decimal place multiplied by 10. (i.e. 288 indicates 28.8 deg C). The reading is the average of the last 60 actual readings to eliminate any slight variations. The 3145 module reports all connected channels with 1 reading output / sec. Hence with 1 channel only connected, The average is over the last minute. With 4 channels, each average will over the last 4 minutes as each channel is reported once every 4 secs.

    You can therefore trigger events directly from the normal HS events engine by selecting "Device Value Change" as the trigger type.

    The following functions are available should you wish to get access to more detail from within a script:-

    in all cases Channel is an integer between 1 and 4, and will return a double with the temperature (Without the x10 factor so 28.8 = 28.8)

    hs.plugin("das3145").RawTemp(Channel) gives the last actual (rather than averaged) reading
    hs.plugin("das3145").MaxTemp(Channel) gives the largest reading for that channel
    hs.plugin("das3145").MinTemp(Channel) gives the smallest reading for that channel.

    Ver Initial Break Handled.
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