I need a bit of help setting up an event that will dial a code on my line to enable a phone company service. My phone company offers a do not disturb feature that can be activated by dialing "*140". I want to setup an event that I can schedule each night when our 9 month old goes to bed. I have a "pesky" mother-in-law that insists on calling after the little guy's bedtime even though she was told not to call past a certain time.

All it needs to do is pick up the line, dial *140, wait 5 seconds, and then hang up. I am using a Way2Call modem and cannot get this to work. I tried creating an event that dials the number and when it runs, it will not dial the string. I wonder if the * is causing the issue.

If anyone can advise as to how I can acomplish this, I (and my son) would be very grateful.