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    I've just uploaded a script that I use to remind myself about NHL games by sending an email and an event that triggers 15 mins before game time and runs a script that can do things like speak, turn on TV's etc. It gets the schedule for your team from the NHL's site.

    All you need to do is configure the email addresses and add an event to call the script early in the morning each day. Put whatever you want in the Actions script, you can see examples of stuff in the one I included. Get it here:

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    Paul, I don't know if I should be happy or sad!

    I just spent the last couple hours creating a script to get the schedule for NHL teams and put them in a virtual device so I could always know when the next game was for my team. I was going to post it, and walla, there is your script!

    Guess we are thinking alike!

    I will pull yours down and take a look, may just throw away what I have!


    Jay Fro


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      And I assume you got an email from your script telling you that MY Avalanche are playing YOUR Flames tonight!!

      Jay Fro


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        Actually Jay I'm a die hard Leafs fan. We moved to Toronto when I first emigrated from England. Even though I now live in Calgary, I always cheer for my original teams. The flames would be my #2 team. It looked like the Flames were walking away with the game tonight at 4-0 but now its 4-3 going into the 3rd.


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          Its not looking good for the Avs. Of course, what I love about the NHL this year is that a team isn't out if they are down by 2 with 8 min to go!

          And what I REALLY love is Dish Network which has the "Altitude" channel which is carrying EVERY Avalanche game this season (home and away). I have no choice but to be an Avs fan!

          BTW: I posted my "MyTeamSchedule" script. It is a bit different in that it doesn't currently have variables to allow you to script off it. I really like the reminder idea you have, but need to get a bit better at parsing the time and dates I pull from foxsports so I can build events off it. Maybe a combination of your script and mine would be killer!

          Jay Fro