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HS2 - Winamp Play together free script

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    HS2 - Winamp Play together free script

    Howdy folks!

    Moved the script over here from the discussion page. This is all set. In this update I fixed the initial error which popped up when opening winamp. This was due to an object variable not being set in the winamp startup script.

    This script will control Winamp and receive feedback as to song playing, player status, volume, shuffle etc...

    Using this script you can use any trigger (voice, X-10, Conditions, Time etc) to run Winamp. Also, with the variables put into hs.devicestring you will be able to have HS speak the current song playing, next song etc.

    Download the zip file from:

    Click here for a screen shot:

    Download the readme file here:

    Love to hear your input.