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  • TC ShopList Discussion

    Please post suggestions, bug reports, flames,etc for TC ShopList here. I emailed in the update for TC Shoplist last night. It should be in the updater soon. Being as today is a holiday it may be monday. If anyone can't wait to try it. Send me an email and I'll send you a copy and easy install instructions.
    Last edited by Tom Caldwell; November 11th, 2005, 06:33 PM.

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    TC Shopping List


    Its not in the update list yet. Any indication from HS when it will be placed in there? I'm looking forward to trying it.


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      Hi Dennis,
      Sorry I messed up the install for the updater when I sent it in. Hopefully tomorrow. Feel free to email me,I'll be glad to send you a copy.


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        Feature requests

        Hi Tom,

        If Santa is listening I'd love to see ShoppingList add the follwing features:

        1. An index on the database so you don't have to go page-by-page to get to an entry that needs editing.
        2. Batch update from the scanner for the "UPC add to list" and "UPC Remove from list".
        3. Least important but would be helpful... Update of shopping list or not automatically as dictated by the "Minimum" quantity and quantity on-hand fields.


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          Hi Dennis,
          These sound usefull. People who use scanners with this need to let me know what type of features they need. We just use vr here. I'll take a look at adding the features. If I'm doing an update, now would be a good time for any user's suggestions.


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            I have part of the update finished. An alphabetical index, and hopefully the batch add/remove from list. I would like someone using a scanner to test this part. If anyone is interested please send me an email. The idea of updating the list dictated by the "Minimum" quantity and quantity on-hand fields is a good idea. Should this be an option? Or should I just assume that if a user enters a amount in the desired (minimum) field to do the update.


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              Minimum Quantity

              Tom, From my perspective the auto calculation would be fine but to keep things a bit flexable I'd recommend it be an option for folks.

              Thanks for working on the enhancements. Sent you a message on the scanner.


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                Script Error

                Just installed the TC ShopList and started playing... On the 'Edit Stores' page, I added a new entry for "Sam's Club" and clicked 'Save Changes'. I received a script error. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down. I think it was a problem with the apostrophe. The script does not seem to handle single quotes in the store name.

                Next, I thought I'd try something... I tried entering the apostrophe as an ascii string. I entered the store name as "Sam" & chr(44) & "s Club". Now when I view the 'Edit Stores' page, there is an entry for my store, but the text box is blank. When I select the 'Delete' checkbox and click 'Save Changes', I get the following...
                Script error: Field 'Cub.Store' cannot be a zero-length string.
                'creates the new column name
                I checked out the database file... The 'Store' column in the 'Cub' table contains values with "Sam" & chr(44) & "s Club" and there is a "Sam" & chr(44) & "s Club" column in the 'AllGroceries' table. I'd like to get it cleaned up. Is there a way to reset the database? Get a new MDB file? Thanks?


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                  There is a copy of the db in the zip file that homeseer downloaded. It should be in updates2 folder.


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                    Thanks Tom. After posting, I figured out that I could rename the existing MDB and run HS update again. It pulled down a new one.


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                      I added a couple of items to the list, then hit "Save List". I get the following:

                      Script error: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Server.CreateObject'

                      Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
                      rs.ActiveConnection = listdb

                      I find myself always wanting to double click the available item to move it to the shopping list column rather than clicking and then clicking the arrow. Might make a nice freature if it's not too much trouble!


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                        Tom has not yet posted a change to the TCShopping list script but if you will edit per his instructions below it will fix your problem until he post an update.

                        "The makelist.asp page is the only file that needs edited. there are

                        several lines in that page that have the createobject keyword. But only

                        2 lines that still have server.createobject. just edit it to remove the




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                          Wishing for another refinement of Minimum Quantity


                          Came across an interesting twist between Quicklist and Edit db when dealing with multiple stores. I'll try to explain.

                          In quicklist there is no issues with placing an item on the desired store shopping list and it shows up in the db correctly. However, if there is also a minimum quantity indicated for the item and the "on-hand" falls below that, then when the items "minimum quantity" calculation is preformed the item is also added to the "default" shopping list such that it is now duplicated between the two lists.

                          One can certainly live with the condition however, I'd like to submit it as a "wishlist" correction item.



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                            Thanks Dennis - That did the trick.


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                              Not sure if you support this yet or not (I *just* installed this last night before I went to bed.) However just added support for remote XML barcode lookups which could be very handy.