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    priont to file

    Is there a way that when I use VR to print the shopping list that it prints it to a text file and saves that file in my pocket pc folder on the desktop of my hs machine. that way when I sync my IPaq to hs I get my shopping list on my IPAQ?

    Or even better everytime I add something it updates to the list started on my ipaq


      ok well how about

      Ok It seems this is not posible or know one knows so how about this. Does anyone know where the file that my grocery list is. I thought maby it was in the database but I opened it and cannot see it. Does it store it in the database somewhere or does it create a txt file or something?


        That's possible, ldragon99, but you'd have to code it. You might be able to write a script to scrape the webpage that shows the current shopping list and store it in a file... or you could modify the Print List code to write it to disk as well.

        The shopping list is in the database, but not as a discrete shopping list - the quantities of each item that are on the list are stored in one of the fields in the db and reference the item. When you ask for the list, whether through the button or VR, the list is assembled by querying the db. This is how most db-stored data systems work - the shopping list can be thought of as a report, generated at the time you request it by querying the database and putting the results in a list format.
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          I may be able to add a option in the ini file to enter a file path to save instead of printing. Would this do what you need?. I also see I missed a post above about a bug.
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            Multiple list entries

            I am new to this script and love it so far!!

            But I am having the same problem someone had mentioned earlier about getting multiple list entries when adding a similar name item. For example, when using VR to add "Apples", i get:

            Applesauce jar

            Was this issue fixed? I have run the updater in the last 30 days.


              I setup a barcode scanner and tried out the script. I noticed that some places I wanted the reader to scan an item and then provide a Enter automatically, and other places, I think when building a shopping list, you had to only input the barcode, and NOT send an enter, or else it didn't work right.

              So I guess my request would be to be able to leave the barcode reader setup the same way (either auto Enter or not) and also not have to manually hit enter in some places.



                Hi rayhurst,
                I think I did fix this issue with the web pages but I forgot about the VR. I'll see about fixing that also. Vr is what we use here. I should have caught that one.

                Hi griffined,
                I didn't realize that the scanners needed to be changed for differences in the web pages. I'll try to find out what I did that changed the format between pages. We don't use a scanner here. So let me know if you run into any other problems.

                Thanks for the feedback, I'm always open for suggestions.


                  Hi Tom,

                  Finally back on line after my move... Read griffind's comment. Just a reminder when we worked through this you indicated it would be prefferable for the scanner to take care of the CR house keeping. With mine setup that way, you do get a double CR sometimes but it always works. Either way should work as long as the note indicates what house keeping you would like us to do on the scanner.


                    vr update

                    Sorry it took a while to get back to this. I was finishing up another project.

                    Hi Dennis glad to see your back. Do you still use this script? Hows it working for you?

                    I updated the vr script. It sems to be working fine now. I'll attach it here to try out. let me know if it works ok for you. Just drop it in your scripts folder to replace the old version.

                    Is the UPC Add page the only page you see this happening in?
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                      Have you had the time to look into sending the shopping list to a txt file?


                        save to file

                        Yes it can save to file. Try this zip file here. I Just changed the printshop page for the html/tcshoplpingist folder and the ini file that is in the config folder. The new ini setting for a filepath to use is the last one listed. This will still try to print the page and saves to the file you enter in the ini also.
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                          Hey Tom:

                          Thanks for a great script. I am looking through the coding and 're-designing' it to fit the style of my Mainlobby scenes and what not. However I am curious as to what the under Edit Database. You have got a list of the store and then a number, is this supposed to mean to get that item at that store.

                          I have 2 stores: PX and Albertsons

                          If I want to add something to say the Albertsons list I change its value from 0 to 1. Is this correct?

                          Let me know.

                          Thanks in advance


                            Is this script still being supported?


                            I recently purchased a Flic scanner and decided to try this script instead of reinventing the wheel. Several problems, though:

                            1. The UPC sections don't do anything. This may, however, be related to the fact that has changed the way it does lookups.

                            2. I get an error message (attached) when I click the "New List" button on the "UPC Add" page.

                            Any help?


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                              Hi Tony,
                              The scanner needs to be set up to send a newline character (CR) I think after each upc code. the type mismatch error is from sloppy code on my part. The line saying requestform should be request.form thanks for letting me know. I'll fix this and send in an update.




                                Thanks for the reply. The problem with the UPC code entry is not related to the scanner since I was testing it by putting a barcode in manually. I'm not sure what it is due to, but, as I mentioned, it may be because has changed how data is entered. I found this out when trying to use a barcode lookup script that I have (which I think is actually based on one that you did quite a while ago).

                                The old url method didn't work but I found that a minor change allowed things to work again.

                                The original coding was:
                                hs.geturl("","/" &barcode,True,80)

                                The new way is:
                                hs.geturl("","/item.asp?upc=" &barcode,True,80)

                                Just a change from .pl to .asp

                                BTW, your weather warning script works great and has been getting quite a workout the past few days in West Texas. I really think it's a "must have" for anyone.

                                As far as coding mistakes, I still remember back in the old Apple II days spending three days to find an error in a program I typed in from a magazine -- turned out to be a ; where I meant to put a ,

                                Ah computers, can't live without them, can't take a hammer to them!