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    Hi I have just received this email from Tom I don't know enough about coding or have the time to take it on but here's the offer. It's all coded in VB and ASP

    Hi Mark, I'm glad you like the scripts. Truthfully I really don't have time to support it any more and no scanner to test with. I'm starting a new job. 10 hour shifts and 6 days a week. I would be willing to donate the code if somone could take over support.
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      Thanks for the reply Wher2guv. Getting ready to move my kitchen touchscreen to a better place in kitchen to make access easier. Guess I'll tackle the scanner shortly after that. Make issue is figuring out how maket this application easier to implement in Mainlobby as I do not have a whole lot of confidence in using VR with both myself and wife.


        Remove/Uninstall TC ShopList

        Does anyone know how to remove TC ShopList? It's not a plug-in so I can't just remove or disable it and there isn't a script that loads at start-up either so I'm not sure how to remove it. I've been staring at the unused orange colored Shop List button for over a year now and I'd really like to be rid of it.



          Every time I try to edit something in the database beginning with 'C' I get the following error message:

          Script error: Type mismatch: 'cint'

          If cint(InStock) > cint(Desired) and cint(Amount) = cint(InStock) and Trim(Ucase(AutoAdd)) = "YES" then
          Amount = cint(Desired)

          Could anybody Dropbox a copy of their database? (Preferably a Brit as I've spent ages removing the American products and replacing with items for sale over here, and now it's crashed).