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    MyTeamSchedule Script

    Discussion of this script is available at

    This script will fetch information for the next game for your favorite team(s). The information is currently only dislayed in the Device panel of HS with the team logos, and information on the next game such as:

    "The Next Game for the Avalanche is Sat. 11/12 at 10:00 pm (et) against the Flames, away"

    It also has a link to the Fox Sports GameTrax if one is available, so you can easily get to up to date pregame info as well as box scores while the game is in progress.

    It works for Major League Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball at this time. I decided not to work on NFL or college football since the seasons are coming to an end and they only play once a week.

    You can rename this script with multiple names if you want to have multiple teams shown. You just assign the team name and numbers (the tables are included the script so you know what numbers to use) and choose the sport code (again, see the script for info), then choose a virtual device to send the information to, and it "should" work.

    Im curious to see if it works for everyone out there!

    Jay Fro

    UPDATE 11/17/05: Version 0.2: Now reporting the next game time in local time instead of ET. Also added ability to set a Voice Reminder (X)minutes (configurable in the script) before the game. For example, it will speak "Don't forget that the Avalanche will be playing in 15 minutes against the Mighty Ducks"

    UPDATE 11/21/05: Version 0.3: Added ability to have script create a VR command so you can ask "When is the next game for the Avalanche" and it will read the next game details over speakers of phone. Slightly changed date format on Device String

    UPDATE 01/02/06: Version 0.4: Fixed bug caused by the year rolling over. Be sure to change your team numbers back to your preferences.

    UPDATE 4/23/06: Version 0.5: Fixed bug causing NHL playoffs to not update. However, NBA playoffs changed format on the FoxSports site, so it won't update an longer. This script is only good for NHL right now.

    UPDATE 5/16/06: Version 0.6: Fixed bug due to minor change in and also added Major League Baseball Schedule processing. You can now add your favoritte MLB teams and be notified when the next game will be.

    UPDATE 4/4/08: Version 0.7: Fixed bug due to change in date and times that were throwing things off.

    UPDATE 10/20/08: Version 0.8: Fixed to work around problem with Foxsports having wrong team id and showing incorrect icon in status page in HS.

    UPDATE 10/26/08: Version 0.9: Added display and reading of last game score for your team. Also fixed a couple formating and icon issues. Note that I needed to change my schedule on my event from 5am (CST) to 7am in order for the score to be updated for games from the previous night.
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    Last edited by jayfro; October 26, 2008, 09:09 PM. Reason: Updated to latest version 0.9 with release notes