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Internet Connectivity Status Change Log/email

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    Internet Connectivity Status Change Log/email

    Eehhm, this script will send you an e-mail when your internet connection failes.... and just how will it send out an e-mail without an connection . Or did I get it wrong and will it send an e-mail when the connection comes back on



    PS: Come to thing of it: when your cabled internet connection failes, have HomeSeer select the WiFi internet connection from the next door neighbour and send en e-mail that your connection is down....

    It sends an email when the connection is restored. I uploaded a bugfix today - the time was wrong for the time of first failure.

    I have tried to hop over to my neighbor's WiFi, and I can do so on a PC basis.
    But doing so for the router's WAN port won't work of course.

    My &&*^%*&%^0@! TimeWarner cable modem fails when the weather is warm and dry. Extensive debugging says it is "ingress" - broadcast TV signals entering the cable from their tap to my home - and that cable is largely on property I don't own. TimeWarner says it a'int their problem.