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DVD Collection - Next Step?

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    DVD Collection - Next Step?

    First off the bat, DVD Collection is an awesome piece of work... so cool !

    I am sure I am not the first one to think of this, but a search in the archives yeilded no results.

    Has anyone played with a way to launch or play a DVD from the DVD Collection asp?

    I use TouchPad to control all HT equipment now with one button ( HUGE WAF ). To select the movie to play, I use a program called Movies!! from Panther Studios. It basically takes the XML file from DVD Profiler and via a "blackbox" hanging off the serial port, sends "Play", "Stop", ect commands to the DVD players S-link connection ( DVD Player is a Sony Mega300+1).

    While I proudly marched the wife into the HT and said "Notice no more pile of remotes!... just click this Play Movie button "( from Touchpad). While impressed her next question was "So how do I pick a movie?"

    The best I could do was keep a copy of Movies!! running on the laptop and say"Well.. you have to open this window...(Movies!!).

    It works, but ideally, I would like to have a DVD Button in TouchPAD which brings up DVD Collection (already done). From there, a movie is selected from DVD Collection and a button pressed to actually start sending the IR codes via HomeSeer to the DVD player, Any ideas?

    How about an easy way to launch Movies!! ( or any other app) from TouchPad? I am going to start the process now setting up some virtual devices with "Run App" events now. Right away, I think I'll be pressed to be able to run the event on the HS Server in the basement and have it start Movies!! on the HT laptop.

    Any and all ideas would be welcomed and appreciated!


    If your speaking of the dvd collection script from the updater. I know the version for hs2.0 supports playing the dvd's from file or ir. If you have homeseer setup with ir that is. The options are in the setup page.


      DVD Collection

      Thanks Tom,

      I do have a fully loaded and intricate IR system in my HS setup. Like so many others, I am struggling with HSv2, so I am still using the more stable HS 1.7x version. I do have HSv2 running in it's own seperate environment, so I will take a look at it. Thanks for pointing that out.

      Any HSv1.7 folks figure away around this yet?



        I think the older version of dvd package may have had the play code in it also. just no setup page. The ini options had to be changed in the ini file itself. For ir the scripts assume a dvd changer is used with the collection number the same as the slot number in the changer. I use the files/folder option here.


          Tom, just an observation. The Setup page doesn't use the spacing the rest of the pages do between the DVD page and the HS menu bar.

          On another item, rehashing the series season issue. Would there maybe be a way for the script to ask which disc of a tv series you would like to play? Since there seems to be no way to do so thru DVD Profiler.