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Days till Xmas...... And counting

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    What I have been using is a script wakeup.txt (it uses included files so there is more than one file) by Johnwpb I got it a couple of years back from the script library. It bacisaly reminds me of all holidays and with optional input I get birthdays, aniversaries, or any other events I want. It used to be in the scripts library. I searched for it and found Sparkman and Johnwpb seem to have done additional work on it. Fungun also did some Mainloby work.

    It's great in the fact that it doesn't need to be updated each year. It calculates the holidays and keeps track of fixed date events as well. It gives me a (configurable) 5 day countdown.

    I like the daysuntilxmas script because it specificaly reminds me of the one day in the year I want lots of advance warning, and I can include a Ho-HO-Ho or two if I want, or if the kids are misbehaving, I can play a coal mining tune!


      searching wakeup.txt returned this, Is this it? And does it work with HS2?


        I do not know aboyt HS2. But this seems to be the thread wiht the full complement of programs.