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dasCID : UK Caller ID

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    dasCID : UK Caller ID

    Plugin to get UK Caller ID from either a "hacked" BT unit via RS232 or the Meteor CallerID unit.

    Readme :-
    dasCID Homeseer plugin for UK Caller ID
    Date 27/11/2005
    Ver - Initial Release
    Works with either Meteor CID Unit or a "hacked" BT unit to give serial data.
    To install....
    1) Simply copy the hspi_dasCID.ocx file to your homeseer program directory. (typically C:/Program Files/HomeSeer 2) 
    2) Register it:-  "regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Homeseer 2\hspi_dasCID.ocx"
    3) Restart HomeSeer. 
    You can now select "dasCID" from the availabe interfaces (under Setup, Interfaces). Select Your required Comm Port and then its best to restart again.
    -You can optionally send CID to HomeSeer Phone
    -You can optionally send xAP CID.Incoming messages via either the Mi4 xAP Conduit or the mcsXAP plugin.
    -You also have some global options for some logging/debugging indicators.
    The device Value of the "Call Type" device will be changed on each call. This allows you to set a standard Homeseer event to trigger on each call by setting the trigger type to "Device Value Change" with value "Set to Any". 
    The number can be easily retrieved by a script by using the device string for device "4". The Housecode can be got from the config file. e.g.
    gBaseCode = chr(hs.GetINISetting("hspi_dasCID", "gBaseCode", 0)	)
    hs.writelog "Phone Call From : " & hs.devicestring(gBaseCode & "4")