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XBMC Python Script to Control HomeSeer

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    XBMC Python Script to Control HomeSeer


    Attached is a python script that you can run on XBMC (Xbox Media Center) to turn on or off devices via communicating with HomeSeer via http POST commands. I have seen a half-dozen or so posts or on XBMC in here, but did not ever see a solution..... so here it is.

    Please keep in mind this is the initial version of this program, but it is universal and works great! There is a small script that runs on HomeSeer to keep the current device status in a flatfile, but the ".py" script is for HomeSeer. Please see the readme file in the archive for more instructions (and follow it carefully).

    Let me know what you think and any other suggestions you may have.

    BTW, this is for HomeSeer 1.7 and below ... It may work with 2.0, but I have not tested it... yet.

    Have fun!!

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