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Help with a thermostat script - please

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    Help with a thermostat script - please


    I need some help with some scripting. Actually, if there is a script someplace that already exists it would be great, as I know very little about the subject. What I did in HS1.7 was create events that were triggered by X10 commands (using a Pronto & IR543 whole house) to set my thermostat (RCS15B) to different set points. I used House Code E and all 16 unit codes for different set points. Eg.: E1-on = 50 degrees, E1-off = 51 degrees. Then the event would say "Thermostat set to 55 degrees Mark". Worked great!!! (see attachment)

    The problem with this is that using both the on and off triggers for 16 unit codes creates 32 events therefore making a mess out of my events page!!! What I would like is a pointer on how to duplicate these events into one script that does the same thing but keeps my events screen cleaner. :-)

    One enhancement I would like to make if possible would be to increase the setpoint by one degree using the bright command and decrease the setpoint by one degree using the dim command.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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