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horoscope script.

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  • horoscope script.

    I downloaded and did everything properly for the horoscope script. It doesnt seem to work.

    I am still very new to HS and I am trying to figure things out. This seemed like a fun little script i could you to show my girl friend how HS works.

    Everything seems just fine however it does not read the actual horoscope.

    Is there anything i could do to fix this?

  • #2 is the link in the library


    • #3
      This script was based on "scraping" a web page. The page has changed significantly so the script is no longer usable.


      • #4
        aww shucks, I kind of figured that. Oh well thought that would be a fun one.

        If I knew how I would modify it I would may be that will be my first "Scripting" project.


        • #5
          You can use the RSS horoscope feed I have here

          Scroll through the RSS menu down to Onion Horoscopes. For VR grab the code and all other just copy paste the URL of the feed.


          • #6
            That is pretty cool! All i need to do is learn how to write a script now


            • #7
              oh I think I understand


              • #8
                You don't need to write a script. For VR it provides you with the script...just copy and past. For text just link to the URL of the horoscope you want.