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  • Horoscope Script

    Someone had mentioned in the forums about a Horoscope script not functioning, so I got thinking this might be a nice addition to HS as well as another chance to try out my programming skills.
    Attached is a script that will pull a single horoscope from and assign the results to a specific HC UC combination.

    The only modifications that have to be made are all kept in a user defined section as shown here.

    ' ************************************
    ' User Configuration Section

    HoroscopeHCUC = "z6" 'Horoscope Results HouseCode UnitCode to use
    Horoscope_Sign = "ARIES" 'Horoscope Sign to locate

    ' end of user configuration section
    ' ************************************

    The information, complete with sign will be posted to your assigned HCUC. Below I have shown both Aries (z6) and Scorpio (z7). Save your file name with the appropriate Horoscope Sign if you have multiple signs to look at, as I do.

    <TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 )><TBODY><TR><TD class=tablecellcustom>ARIES - A double dose of good fortune is about to appear in a sector of your life that you had previously declared a disaster area. It just goes to show you never know -- and that you should always keep your chin up. </TD></TR><TR><TD class=tablecellcustom>SCORPIO - Finding fulfillment is easy when you think about the greater good. Not only will this help you focus your considerable talents, but also you'll find that a project that serves others helps galvanize your energy.


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