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AK 2.0 Script Problem - Time-out in AskYesNo

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  • AK 2.0 Script Problem - Time-out in AskYesNo

    I have been trying to get the AK scripts to weork and have some problems. First one for this thread is the ak_eventscript_onoff script hangs whenever it is seeking confirmation. As an example, consider the voice command "turn the family room lamps on for 30 seconds". The command is properly recognized and spoken when the confirmation is requested (do you want to...). But AskYesNo hangs at line 337. I see the three VR updates in speaker.exe for the AddVoiceCommand calls but then no matter what I say the loop to get the yes/no never exits, no matter what I say. It is as if HS goes deaf.

    Testing with no other speaker.exe running other than one instance on the HS computer. HS version is 2055.


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    Are you using the new InterAKtive scripts? This is the new file name when they were re-worked for HS 2.0.


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      Yes. Latest and Greatest.


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        I am also experiencing a related issue. I have various 3P scripts other than this one that force a VR Rebuild as reported in the speaker app log window. But the speaker app does not seem to be really listening afterwards. Sometimes minimizing and restoring the speaker app solves the problem. Other times exiting and restarting it works. I suspect the same thing is happening with the AK script - once the new VR commands are updated in the speaker app it is no longer really listening so the Ys/No response from me is never heard.

        I may need to move this discussion to another forum.