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how to make an execx10 batch file?

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  • how to make an execx10 batch file?

    Hello. When I go in to help for homeseer it gives me two example commands;
    hs.ExecX10 "B2","no cmd", 0, 0
    hs.ExecX10 "B16", "on", 0, 0

    When I tried to execute this in CMD I am told that it is not recognised as an internal or external command and so on..

    So if someone could explain to me how this works it would be great

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    The two examples you show are used from within the HomeSeer environment to execute an X10 command. If you tell us what you want to accomplish then we can offer some suggestions.


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      ok. I have installed homeseer 1.7 on my server.
      On my HTPC I have a infrared reciver.
      So I want to use the remote to control the x10 devices.

      I have a program that makes a remote computer execute a batch file..

      So all I need is batch files on the server that control the x10 devices.


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        If I'm reading this correctly the MCE PC is a different server than the HS server? If so you will have to use a DCOM connection from one PC (MCE) to the HS PC. This can be difficult. Another way is to use the built in webserver on the HS PC and set up and ASP page to activate events. There's also a MCE plugin for HS as well that should make all this easy.


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          You are correct. But I am not useing M$ MCE I am using Mediaportal.
          I can use the internet browser in mediaportal but then I have to use the remote as a mouse,,It works, but,

          If homeseer`s webinterface buttons could be linked to it would be easy, but they cant.. At least I dont now how.