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    Homeseer uptime

    A trivial script to track homeseer uptime, and max (record) uptime in two devices. Short on comments, but should be self-explanitory....

    RENAME FROM .txt TO .vb

    EDIT: OK, I inadvertantly caused a lot of confusion. Of course, the script worked fine for me, but has given others some trouble. Here's some tips:
    1. Don't forget to rename the .txt extension to .vb
    2. Change the q3 and q4 devies to any homeseer device you like; there's nothing magic about them
    3. I think troubles have come up because the devices you use (q3 and q4) may have been used at some time for something else, and so the device string is not 'Unknown' or blank. The script wouldn't write to the devices if this was not the case.
    4. Accordingly I've modified the script to initialize the device strings the first time the script is run. The way you tell the script that this is the first time is via the argument in the event. The first time you run the script, set the parameters in the event like this: Run script: HomeSeerUptime.vb("main","init") . The script will initialize the devices with the current and maximum runtime values. After the first run, change "init" to something else, even a null string ("") You'll get a message box popup each time the script runs with the parameter set to "init"
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