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Wunderground Script (Weather) Version 1.00

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    Wunderground Script (Weather) Version 1.00

    This is a script package to pull Wunderground Weatherstation data into HomeSeer and display in virtual devices.

    Contained in this package are 3 files.

    wunderground.ini (goes in config folder)
    wunderground.asp (goes in scripts folder)
    wunderground_install.asp (goes in scripts folder)

    After unzipping, you will need to go and change the location data (and housecode/devicecode fields if you wish) to your local wunderground weatherstationid. More information can be found in the wunderground.ini file on how to locate this.

    After you have made the changes, create a temp event and set it to run script wunderground_install.asp and select test (you can delete this test event after running the wunderground_install.asp script. This script will create an event to check the wunderground station data every 5 minutes (you can change to less frequency if you wish) , and it will set up virtual devices to display the data.

    I have left the data results very generic for using these housecodes with any other scripts/events you wish to build... Feel free to poke around and change the data if you are up to a little scripting...

    The discussion thread for this Script is here:

    Many thanks to Rupp for his direct assistance with pulling and parsing the data, and the designers of the NOAAWeather and XMLWeather packages for letting me steal some code, using ideas and methods to set up devices, events, etc.

    I built this for a direct need for automating my outdoor lighting to disable when windspeeds are high (false motion sensor issues), but as I was working on it figured someone else may find this useful so I put it together as a package. I hope you find this useful.


    VERSION 1.01 CHANGES 6/25/06
    -Fixed variables not available for the weatherstation that you use to show "Not available for this weatherstation" instead of "0"
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