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Wakemeup VR Script updated for multiple users and 2.0 compatible

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    Wakemeup VR Script updated for multiple users and 2.0 compatible

    This is an old script, and Rupp posted an update to the script for 2.x compatibility in another thread, but it didnt include multi user capability. All old code, but repackaged and combined to provide original multiple user functionality of this neat little script for 2.0

    Here are the files, as well as more detailed install steps for those new to homeseer or scripting...



    1. Add the 2 scripts attached to the HS scripts directory. (unzip them)
    2. go in and edit wakemeup.txt and change the person1-4 names and person1-4event names to your liking... (I have mine set up as Toby, Kelly, Guest, Other for reference)
    3. Create a manual event with the vr command trigger: (Wake up )+ (Toby | Kelly | Guest | Other)+ (at)+ (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12)+ [(o5|10|15|20|25|30|35|40|45|50|55)] (A M|P M) and change the vr command toby,kelly,guest,other to whatever you name the person1-4 in step 2 above... This event should run the script wakemeup.txt.
    4. Create 4 manual events named whatever you changed the person1-4event names to in step 2. These events are what will be triggered by the automatic wakeup event generated by the wakemeup vr commands. You can have these events do whatever you want it to by adding commands into the action section of each respective event, speak the time, play a itunes or windowsmedia mp3 or playlist, turn on lights, etc...

    Hope you find this useful, I have...

    If anyone wants to build more functionality into it to create weekday repeating events, weekend events, etc feel free to (I didnt write the code, just put multiple versions together into 1 working one).



    UPDATE 5/14/06

    If you are running the 2.1 version of Homeseer, please use the 2.1compatible package included. This resolves some of the command timeouts and speaker app hangs. Please note that you will have to change some of the names as you needed to with the 2.0 (the names are setup for my environment) Installation/Config steps above have not changed... You will also need to be running 2.1.56 or higher of Homeseer.

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