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CID Search & Notify Script (HS2 tested)

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    CID Search & Notify Script (HS2 tested)

    CID_Search_Notify script
    This script was born because we got use to having CID name and number announced, then we switched to a VOIP provider that only provided number information No name. (packet8) Well the wife wanted the name announced by Homeseer. So I consolidated a few scripts that were floating on the board (special thanks to Mike Matthews for his creation of the Exhaustive CID search script)

    Script Operation

    What the script does when triggered on cid received from HSP (way2call)

    1) The script first searches through the local HSP address book to find a match for the number. Then announces (Speaks) as
    2) Searches AT&T Any Who web site for a match.(Thank Mike Matthews for this gem) then announces as well as
    3) Searches area code txt file. Then announces the area code state (area code Indiana) as well as notifies. Failing to find a match here it then announces (Unknown caller)

    After the number is formatted with dashes (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and searches completed the info is:
    1) E-mailed to you as well as telling you were it found the match.
    2) Cid Last Caller information sent to a device to be displayed on the HS2 status page.(virtualdevice = "P98") you can change to what you want.

    Put this file (CID_Search_Notify.txt) and (areacode.txt) into your scripts folder.

    Copy the phone gif icon to your html\Images.
    Edit the E-mail section with your to: and from: E-mail addresses of your choice.
    Create a virtual device in HS2 called Last Caller or what ever then Edit the (virtualdevice = "P98") address to match in the script.
    Create a new HS event that triggers this script (CID_Search_Notify.txt) on CID available.

    discussion here
    Attached Files
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    HS2 Environment
    Zotac 1.83 GHz Quadcore
    HomeSeer Way2Call
    Netiom-Xap board
    opnode 1-wire 1.2.7
    Pwr Link USB
    mcsTemp V6.2.0.14
    mcsXap V3.0.0.0/
    IM Connector
    Sip Connector
    Odroid X2
    Asterisk 11.5.1
    WebMin 1.720
    Xap Switchboard by Mi4

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