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    HVAC Usage Log

    Below is a description of a script that I have written & am using to keep track of HVAC usage through an RCS thermostat.

    Please let me know if you use this script.


    1. A RCS thermostat.
    I have the serial version. But, I have a feeling any of the RCS thermostats
    will work with the script. And, the script can probably be modified to work with other brands of

    2. Homeseer v2
    This is a .net script & has to yous the .net framework. Of course it could be modified to work with HS1.x.

    Installing the script.

    1. Create two devices. The device names & a location have to agree with
    the names for the script identifiers:
    (see HVACLog.vb script
    Private deviceLocation As String = "RCS Serial Thermostat "
    Private todaysUsageDevice As String = "Today's HVAC Usage"
    Private yesterdaysUsageDevice As String = "Yesterday's HVAC Usage"

    2. Put the .gifs in the %HOMESEER%\html\images folder.

    3. Put the HVACLog.vb script in the %HOMESEER%\scripts folder.

    4. Create an event to run the script every minute.

    What you have now.
    I used "Today's HVAC Usage" & "Yesterday's HVAC Usage" for device names.

    The "Today" device keeps a running total of the time in hours & minutes that the thermostat was
    calling for the HVAC system. When the HVAC system is being called for the status line will
    have a red font and a clock running icon. When the HVAC system is not being called for
    the status line will have a green font & a clock sleeping icon. The last change column will
    be updated accordingly.

    The "Yesterday" device will show the total HVAC usage in hours & minuts that the HVAC was called
    for on yesterday. The font will be blue & the icon with be a clock with a $ sign on the face.

    All of the data is kept in a file in %HOMESEER%\config\HVAC.ini

    I want to put code in the script to keep a running total cost in $'s based on the local KWH cost &
    the rating of the HVAC system.
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