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WOW!! Led Name Badge Script

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    WOW!! Led Name Badge Script

    Basicly this simple script transmits data to a Message Tag connected to any serial port. The Unit that this script works with is the one that can only be programmed by computer , it uses 1 battery , has only 1 switch (Off/On) , 5 chips on back , is ~3" x 1.75" , appear to only show capitals and came with a 3.5 cd that said WOW!! on it. Usage is Nametag("MAIN","PORTSPEEDTEXT") PORT = COM PORT as number SPEED = DISPLAY SPEED as number (0-5) , TEXT = Displayed Message as string

    Examples :
    From Event : Nametag("Main","35This is a test !!!")
    From script : &hs.runex "Nametag.txt","Main","62It does work",false

    If you try it , let me know how it works for you.
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