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    Canadian Bug Report

    Based on the WeatherNetwork link, I have created a script to pull the information of the current Bug Report Status and display that information into HomeSeer.

    There are 2 scripts included in the zip file (both written in VB). Please note that the HouseCode and UnitCode numbers need to be modified in both vb scripts prior to playing.

    Using QuickView, I formatted my bug report to look as it does below.

    The "Canada Bug Report V1.vb" file should probably be scheduled on a daily / hourly basis to update and pull the information from the web.

    The "Canada Bug Report Install.vb" file is used to insert the large number of Devices (48) into HomeSeer. When running this vb script, watch the log files as it will indicate when it is complete.

    After placing the script in the \scripts directory
    Modify the User Settings to assign the Housecode and UnitCodes
    Add the appropriate devices needed.
    Add the "Canada Bug Report Install script to the events to run ONCE for installation purposes only.
    Add the "Canada Bug Report V1 script to the events to run as needed.
    Unzip the Bug Icons into the \html\images\bugs\ directory

    Discussion thread is located here


    Updated: Added Pic and some verbage for clarification
    Updated: Added Icons of the Bugs
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