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[VB.NET Script] Symantec Virus Threats and Warnings

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    [VB.NET Script] Symantec Virus Threats and Warnings

    Based on the Symantecs new website link, this VB script pulls the current Virus Threats and Warning information and displays it in a Device in HomeSeer.

    Using QuickView, I have formatted my Virus Threat Information as shown below.

    After placing the script in the \scripts directory
    Modify the User Settings to assign the 3 Housecode and UnitCodes
    Add the appropriate devices needed.
    Add the script to the events to run as needed.
    Unzip the Sarc Icons into the \html\images\sarc\ folder

    Discussion thread is located here



    Updated: Added pics and some verbage for clarification
    Updated: Attached the Icon zip file
    Updated: 18Jul06
    - New script file to compensate for changes to Symantec's website.
    - Only 2 housecodes are needed as Symantec has consolidated info.
    Updated: 25Jul06
    - Updated script to pull the ThreatCon level - 3 housecodes now required again.
    - Updated the zip file to include the ThreatCon images (unzip in the html\images directory - zip will create a SARC directory)
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    A Johnny Come Lately... I just tried this script but as a result, when displayed, IE. All Locations selected in HS2, the Device Status field became so wide that it practically made it impossible to view my other devices. In the end, I had to delete the virtual devices used with this script. Is there a fix or potential fix for this problem?
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