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    Days Till Reminder Script

    Here is an updated version of the script I had written a while back.

    It will remind you of up to 20 user configurable dates. It will also remind you of Memorial Day, Labor Day, Mother's and Father's Day and Daylight savings (all of which can be individually turned on/off).

    The script will update 2 devices so you can see the next event coming up as well as the one that follows. I added a second device in case there were two events close together preventing you from seeing the second one with ample time to prepare. (ex. 56 days to daylight savings start and 58 days to anniversary)

    Post question/comments here

    Ver 3.11 - fixed bug with disabling Fathers Day
    Ver 3.12 - Cleaned up the code
    Ver 3.13 - Minor bug fixed
    Ver 3.14 - not posted
    Ver 3.15 - fixed bug when selecting not to use memorial day, Labor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and DST
    Ver 4.0 - added ability to define how many reminder you want to see, up to 8
    Ver 4.0.1 - Fixed Mother's Day/Father's Day error
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