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[ASP] Tccal Event calendar for hs 2.0

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    [ASP] Tccal Event calendar for hs 2.0

    This is my version of a asp event calendar for Homeseer 2.0. I have taken ideas from several calendars on the web and combined them. It has some unique features.

    BE CAREFULL with the recurring events option. This option takes a start date and end date. If you choose "1 days" Thats every day. If you selected a end date a year from the start date that would create 365 events. If you choose "2 Days" that would be every Second day. "3 week" would be every 3rd week. I did set a default option on the config page to limit Homeseer to 5 events per recuring event.

    You can associate a image with the event to display on the web page.

    You can create recurring events. Such as every day, every Monday, Every second month, every third week, etc.

    You can enable voice reminders for events in HomeSeer.

    Create multiple calendars.

    Associate a color with each calendar. - I might change this.

    There is a page for Month, Day,Year,Week view.

    Config page to customize the calendar. colors size,etc.

    After unzipping place the tccal folder in Homeseer's html folder
    Create a link to yor calendar in Homeseer's setup/website page
    Create a title then for the url use something like this. /tccal/month.asp
    this would setup the month view page as the starting page.
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