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    Tccal is Awesome

    The man has MAD skills.

    I think this is one of the slickest packages I've seen come out.

    Thanks a lot.

    Later, Terry

    What is it. Tell us more


      Scripts Library.


        OOps, guess that would help.

        Tccal is a web based calendar that will run events recurring or scheduled on user specified dates. All web based setups and dialogs. Great looking icons for the cal. And the easiest install I have seen. I've been messing with the style sheet and it has taken me a week to get something to look like the HS interface.

        Later, Terry


          Is there any way to limit the width of the calendar? I'd like to be able to see the cal in month view without having to scroll horiz. I looked in the config page, and in calendar.htm and did not see any appropriate adjustments.

          There seems to be a problem with announcing the event. Here is the error:
          <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=LOGDateTime0 noWrap align=left>8/14/2006 8:06:00 AM </TD><TD class=LOGType0 align=left colSpan=3>Warning </TD><TD class=LOGEntry0 align=left colSpan=8>Incorrect trigger date/time format in event: test 80500 AM</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

          Looking at the event being created, it looks like the time is being put in the date box of the event.

          I created a 1 time event starting at 9 am till 2 pm and chose to have an alert 45 minutes before the start time, and its putting the time in the date box.

          Love the script.
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          Staying on the cutting edge is EXPENSIVE :D


            I'm getting the same error as Tcassio. This is one of the nicest looking interfaces I've seen in a while.

            For the users not using IE are you seeing the gradient views?


              Great calendar !!
              One thing I have noticed-I set up 3 calendars, Tim, Carol, Cassi, each one a dif color. They all use the same color when I view them from the drop down box. (?) Something I am doing not right?
              FB Page -

              HSTouch Layouts -


                I updated the original post with a new zip fixing the homeseer reminder event setting a time in the date box.

                The color in the dropdown doesn't really serve a purpose. I may remove that option. It seems distracting to me. the calendar dropdown is just set up as a filter at the moment.


                  Just finished setting it up and it looks very promising. Great job!!

                  Not sure that I'll be able to get the wife to use it though. She likes here paper on the refrigerator.
                  It would be cool if you could run scripts or fire HS events from the calendar.

                  What about being able to show HS events that are recurring or date driven? That might be a big deal because you would need to evaluate all of the possible conditions setup for the event. It would be really useful though.





                      OK I think I need homeseer for dummies.
                      Everyone says how easy this was to install. I put everything where it was to be, but now I cant figure out what to do next. I just start thinking I am understanding how things work, then something like this pops up. Could some one help me with a little instructions on what to do next after placing the files.

                      PLEASE HELP


                        All you need to do is call the asp page via your web browser.

                        Changing 82 to your chosen port.


                          Paul, you can do just that.

                          After the cal creates the event it is in an event group called Calendar Events. Just attach any script to it you want. You can add event actions and triggers to the trip. Adding conditions to the events will open up lots of extra possibilities. I have the garbage reminder set with a condition to only fire if my home status is set to on.

                          I see great possiblities!

                          Later, Terry



                            Nice looking Calendar. Thanks

                            I have seen a couple of issues:

                            1) Sometimes when I select a view the page seems to take forever to render. If I hit refresh a couple of times it works. This must be a browser issue because I only see it in IE6 and not in Firefox. Tried changing my cacheing settings but that didn't help. (Anybody else seeing this?)

                            2) I tried to delete events, but it doesn't seem to work in Firefox, but it was OK in IE6

                            3) There is no "year" in recurring events. This would be nice for adding birthdays, Xmas etc.

                            4) The event description seems to be required. I would think often the title e.g. "Steve's Birthday" would be self descriptive. It seems this is also the text that is spoken if voice reminder is used - maybe calling it something like "voice reminder text" would be more accurate. Could it be optional unless a spoken reminder is chosen.

                            5) When I select Year view, the title displayed is "Events between: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 and Wednesday, August 16, 2006" I think the second date should be one in 2007. Also the last section of events shown is July 2007.

                            6) The speech events created delete themselves if somebody hits the test button on the events page. Could the event check the time?

                            Can you say what plans, if any, you have for future development. Do you plan to create an API so that a user could add or get a calendar event in a script?

                            Sorry if that sounds like a laundry list. Thanks again for a great app.

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                              If you want to setup a button for the calendar in Homeseer's links'. Just click the homeseer's setup page. Then click the web site page. this will open a screen to add custom links(buttons). The left box is for the name you want to use. The right box is for the link. Such as /tccal/Month.asp

                              I'll take a look at the issues with firefox. I have had a time trying to get this to work with both browsers. Seems I still don't have it right. I think for yearly reminders you can just choose '12 Month' and it should create the reminders up till the end date chosen. I'm not really sure where to go with this. I thought I would just release as is to get some feedback from people. I do have some ideas but I hesitate to do something that would need changes to the database. It would be a problem for someone who had entered a lot of events already. I'm always open to suggestions.