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[VB.NET Script] Doo_Weather Script

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    [VB.NET Script] Doo_Weather Script


    Modified version of weather.txt script originally distributed with HomeSeer. This version has been converted to .NET and supports use of LED signs using the LEDAM plug-in.


    Extract .vb file to HomeSeer scripts folder and extract .ini file to HomeSeer config folder.

    All user definable parameters are contained within the doo_weather.ini file contained in the HomeSeer config folder.

    If you are not using AT&T Voices, then edit the [Settings] section of doo_weather.ini and set UseATTVoices to False. Otherwise, specify which
    voice you want to speak each portion of the weather within the [Voices] section of the doo_weather.ini.

    If you are not using the virtual weather devices, then edit the [Settings] section of doo_weather.ini and set UseWeatherDevices to False. Otherwise, specify the virtual device names within the [Devices] section of doo_weather.ini using the standard "Location<SP>Name". You can also specify icons for the weather devices within the [Icons] section of doo_weather.ini however I am not supplying icons. If you use weather devices, then create a recurring event that runs the script:


    which will update weather devices without speaking the weather.

    You may also want to create a voice-enabled event that runs doo_weather.txt. If you use the voice string:

    [current] weather report [for (today|tomorrow|Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday|Sat urday|Sunday)]

    The weather for the specified time will be retrieved and spoken.
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