Here is version 3.2. It works with HS 2.1.104 or later

see the "readme.txt" in the zip file for complete instructions

What's Included
This plug-in or set of asp pages, will allow you to do the following for your smarthome switches and modules:
1. Set the on-levels and fade rates of all your smarthome devices
2. create/manage smarthome scenes from a single page

What's New in v3.2
1. The SmartHomeSceneSupport.vb script will update the individual device statuses associated with a scene when the scene is turned on or off. It will also turn off scene status (not scene devices) when an individual device in a scene is
turned off (ie the scene is no longer on)

2. Changed the tabbed image buttons to standard HS function buttons. Added alternating row colors. Both just cosmetic changes.

3. Filters out Insteon ICON devices from the scene page (they don't support x10 scenes). The word 'Icon' must be in the device type name in order for this to work.

4. Fixed a bug where the scene programming page wasn't displaying the saved state of a relay switch

I welcome your feedback and suggestions